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25 February, 2014 |
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When was the last time you searched for a product or service on Google and clicked past the first page? Hardly ever? Well, you’re not alone. About 91% of search engine users never search past the first page and believe that companies whose websites appear at the top of the search results are also the top companies in that field. It’s not surprising then, that it is crucial that your website show up on the first page when people search using terms related to what you offer.

Over 60 million people use search engines like Google daily to find the products and services they need, focusing on businesses listed on the first page. Increasing your website ranking on the major search engines through search engine marketing maximizes your opportunity to reach the local and global marketplace with your products and services, and hence your sales potential. SEO in Rochester, NY is no different.

Author and SEO guru Peter Kent said that a client of his, “selling construction equipment to the tune of $10,000 a month, rebuilt his site and began a combined organic-search and paid-search campaign, boosting sales to $700,000 a month in less than two years. It’s hard to imagine how he could have grown his company, with relatively little investment, so quickly without the search engines!”

Search engines assign weight to a web page based on several factors, including keywords (words people use to search for what they are looking for, not your company name!), content and links. SEO focuses on “organic searches,” or the results of searches that a search engine pulls up. SEO is not the same as “pay-per-click.” Some companies pay top dollar for “pay-per-click” ads that place them in the “sponsored links” portions of a page. Since 85% of search engine users click on organic search results versus pay-per-click, a good organic SEO program is generally a better place to start, and a lot more cost-effective.

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