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18 April, 2014 |
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by Mike

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Several years ago, which is often ancient history with the Internet, there was a significant level of cachet to be able to say that you had a Facebook page for your business. After all, in 2008 only around 100,000 business pages had a presence on the site. And of course, the website itself had only been in existence for about 4 years, it seems hard to believe now.

But as such things go when something becomes trendy and popular, a mass influx of businesses and organizations came onto Facebook over the last few years. And these days it is almost rare to NOT see the well-known icon on commercial websites, television commercials, brochures, storefronts, and magazine ads. With over 1.26 billion users worldwide at present, it is certainly not easy to stand out in the marketing world just because you have a presence on this major media platform! And the same goes for YouTube, Twitter, and other mediums that continue to gain massive numbers of worldwide users. By definition, popular trends are hardly a way to stand out from the growing Internet crowd with your website design Rochester NY.

In addition to the expanding numbers of social media platforms, the parallel trend of rapidly accelerating technology has prompted millions of companies to invest massive amounts of money and time into the latest gadgetry. These may include Search Engine Marketing, Pay-per-Click, video optimization, and a whole slew of other innovations. Certainly it is important to be aware of the critical elements of these trends, and to wisely implement the ones that fit particularly well with your overall Web strategy and business plan. But like with social media, don’t depend on technology to get you noticed or to give you a lasting edge. You might be the first, but others will likely soon be right behind you.

In general it is very difficult to maintain a true business edge with your website design Rochester NY for any length of time solely through the use of a particular website or cutting-edge Web technology. With the Internet being as it is, there is a constant comparison with competitors and a resulting reproduction of what appears to be working well. While it is relatively easy for a competitor to see that your latest tech tools are worthy of emulation, it is impossible for any business to duplicate your own unique combination of creativity, added value, skills, and character! Always keep this at the forefront of your mind, and leverage your own special strengths to the maximum, while further developing your outstanding brand identity through superior content!

A common buzzword within website design Rochester NY these days is “Content Marketing,” and it is a useful and descriptive term that does remind one of the enormous importance of content. But in actuality, superior marketing at its deepest levels has always been about superior content, and this reality will continue into the future. Therefore focus on creating the golden mean of words and visuals that will create a genuine connection between you and Web searchers, the irreplaceablebuilding of trust, and the deep sense that you can truly meet their needs.

Mediums will continue to evolve, and definitely use these latest developments as appropriate. And yes, incorporate the latest technological tools into your website design Rochester NY efforts to the best of your ability. Create stunning websites with superior SEO guidance, and have a presence on the social media outlets as it fits. But always remember that it is the message effectively communicated through your high-quality content that will move viewers towards taking desirable actions on your website—actions which will bring the results you seek!