23 October
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What does Google Hummingbird Mean for Your Business?

23 October, 2013 |
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by admin
Google Chrome Tab Page670

Google just announced the biggest change to its search algorithm in 12 years: Hummingbird. “Oh, great,” you may be thinking, “is that going to hurt my business? Do I have to do all my SEO work over? Is Search Engine Optimization even relevant anymore?”  Check out the full article over at the Intrepid Blog.

22 October
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Content Marketing & Optimization: Insider Tips

22 October, 2013 |
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by admin
Content Marketing Online Success Infographic

Psst…Have you heard of Content Optimization? It’s an aspect of Content Marketing that you MUST understand if you want to be seen online—and you’re about to learn some insider tips! Read more over at the Intrepid Blog.